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Paul pulled up at the curb, locked all the doors, and pulled curtains on all the windows. The wedge-shaped lid, with plastic accordion sides, locked into place, leaving a shallow space at the rear, tapering quickly to about three feet clearance toward the front. Farm to Feet (Mt. Airy, NC): wonderful wool socks for men and women, made in the U.S. No need—the water was only about six feet deep here, and the boy was an excellent swimmer, a natural. Paul and Marsha kept a wary eye on Pete’s silhouette as he scampered around the water line. Paul wondered if Jeffrey’s middle name had been Mike or Mark or something. It was colder up here, Paul noted, and the air was cleaner. They bicycled around the summit for a while, getting a little short of breath at the crisp air and high altitude. The ocean breeze was mild, and there was a tang of eucalyptus in the air. There were puffy white clouds on the distant western horizon, far out at sea, and a storm was coming in the next day or two.

They decided on fish and chips, which wasn’t so light, but there wasn’t too much to the single order they shared. In the faint dome light, she bent over her son, zipping his bag shut. He turned the dome light out. She pulled out the same napkin—now shredded—that he’d given her last night. Several other men and women were doing the same. He put his other arm around Pete, and together they walked down to the same place they’d had lunch. She put her arm around Paul’s and tugged him powerfully along, squeezing his arm against her side. Marsha’s lips were blue, and Paul put his arm around her. Paul said. “I’ll sit with you for a few minutes, and then I’ll climb up top.” He pictured himself pushing the hatch open, climbing up with his sleeping bag, closing the hatch, and crawling into the bag to fade instantly. They sat on the sea wall for a good two hours, chatting with other couples, while Pete found a few local kids to chase around with. She stopped crying after a few minutes. Groaning, Paul sat up, rubbing his neck. He sat very close beside Marsha in plush beige leather furniture.

She was so close he could have stretched his neck slightly to kiss her. I have one which must be 20 years old, and I love it. We love a budget buy here at IndyBest and online/catalogue retailer Studio is a regular go-to for budget-friendly trends, with this rainbow fossil straw bag bag being no exception. With endless design applications, straw marquetry is a look we love on so many levels! Men with muscled brown arms and faces damp with sweat peered out from under their straw hats, as they loaded the jute sacks filled with coffee beans onto trucks. Darkness fell, and they sat together sipping coffee. This is the bag to go shopping or to grab some coffee with the girls. Shopping bag is safe, and we make sure of it. Learn how to make a Stable Airplane Mobile. It is used in this form to make thin goods such as surgeons gloves.

It is a plural form of the Italian word “zucchino,” which is a diminutive of the zucca gourd. They form part of a package of measures outlined in the EU’s Single-Use Plastics (SUP) Directive that the Scottish Government has committed to implement to also address marine litter and support a shift away from our throwaway culture. The Scottish Government has published full guidance to accompany the final regulations which will explain the scope of the regulations and provide additional detail on how the regulations are to be implemented. And, right on cue, straw bags are back as the ultimate warm-weather accessory. Depending on the style, a straw bag can even take you from day to night, too. We offer a special set complete with a stainless-steel straight straw, bent straw an even a milkshake straw. Paul awoke to the sound of Pete yelling. Marsh climbed in back with Pete and spread out his sleeping bag. Paul held the board while Pete climbed onto it and tried so stand. Having always been a keen football player, Paul was thrilled when his teacher Daniel Fitzgerald asked him to play for the senior’s footy team. Paul waited, leaning on the railing.